Found together with HOLII and increase your impact!

Your impact startup in 4 months!

HOLII is a 4-month incubation program for startup ideas with social value. The program supports 10-12 startup teams from idea to launch. The program follows a scientifically based approach. Participants learn core competencies, increase their self-efficacy and proactivity, expand their network and learn how to deal positively with mistakes. In this way, HOLII reduces the uncertainty of a start-up and increases the commitment of the founders. Ideas are spun off more quickly and have a greater impact in the long term.

Our workshops
Design Thinking and Prototyping
Project management and goal setting
Vision, mission and values
Impact Modeling and Goal Setting
Sustainable Business Modelling and Planning
Legal forms, organizational structure and ownership of responsibility
Self-Management and Mental Health
Our understanding of impact

HOLII supports ideas with societal added value. In our understanding, an idea with added social value aims to make a positive contribution to the SDGs. This positive contribution (impact) should be the primary goal of the idea implementation.

Throughout the program, teams are then supported in setting up their company in a holistic way to make it sustainable. The teams develop an impact vision and an impact logic, set impact goals, and learn how to measure and manage them. Holistic means that we look at the impact of the teams on all relevant levels along the value chain, from the legal form and the organizational design/management to the type of financing, the impact on society and the environment, to the interaction with employees, customers, and all other stakeholders.

Who do we support?

All interested start-ups from the Hamburg metropolitan region (incl. Lüneburg) can apply for the incubation program. Primarily, associates of the affiliated organizations mentioned in the footer are admitted (students, doctoral candidates, employees, and alumna).

The requirements for an application are that

  • a concrete founding idea exists;
  • the idea primarily pursues a social added value (cf. SDG’s);
  • a core team exists that is already actively working on the founding idea.